Attitudes Toward Self

The Attitudes Toward Self (ATS) was designed to measure three potential self-regulatory vulnerabilities to depression: holding of overly high standards; the tendency to be self-critical at any failure to perform well; and the tendency to generalize from a single failure to the broader sense of self-worth.


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Attitudes Toward Self by Carver, C. S.


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Please be as honest as you can throughout, and try not to let your answer to one item influence your answers to other items. There are no correct or incorrect answers. You are simply to express your own personal feelings.

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* indicates that a question uses reversed scorings


1. Compared to other people, I expect a lot from myself

2. When even one thing goes wrong I begin to wonder if I can do well at anything at all

3. I get angry with myself if my efforts don't lead to the results I wanted

4. When it comes to setting standards for my behavior, I aim higher than most people

5. I hardly ever let unhappiness over one bad time influence my feelings about other parts of my life *

6. When I don’t do as well as I hoped to, I often get upset with myself

7. I set higher goals for myself than other people seem to

8. If I notice one fault of mine, it makes me think about my other faults

9. I get unhappy with anything less than what I expected of myself

10. A single failure can change me from feeling OK to seeing only the bad in myself


High Standards