Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale

The Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale (MSLSS) is designed to provide a profile of children’s life satisfaction across key domains. The 40-item MSLSS is completed by children and young people and captures information on five domains: family, friends, school, living environment, self.


The MSLSS is not copyrighted and can be used for free and without permission.


Huebner, E.S. (1991). Initial development of the Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale. School Psychology International, 12, 231-243.


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Strongly DisagreeModerately DisagreeSlightly DisagreeSlightly AgreeModerately AgreeStrongly Agree
* indicates that a question uses reversed scorings


1. I enjoy being at home with my family

2. My family gets along well together

3. I like spending time with my parents

4. My parents and I doing fun things together

5. My family is better than most

6. Members of my family talk nicely to one another

7. My parents treat me fairly

8. My friends treat me well

9. My friends are nice to me

10. I wish I had different friends *

11. My friends are mean to me *

12. My friends are great

13. I have a bad time with my friends *

14. I have a lot of fun with my friends

15. I have enough friends

16. My friends will help me if I need it

17. I look forward to going to school

18. I like being in school

19. School is interesting

20. I wish I didn’t have to go to school *

21. There are many things about school I don’t like *

22. I enjoy school activities

23. I learn a lot at school

24. I feel bad at school *

25. I like where I live

26. I wish there were different people in my neighborhood *

27. I wish I lived in a different house *

28. I wish I lived somewhere else *

29. I like my neighborhood

30. I like my neighbors

31. This town is filled with mean people *

32. My family’s house is nice

33. There are lots of fun things to do where I live

34. I think I am good looking

35. I am fun to be around

36. I am a nice person

37. Most people like me

38. There are lots of things I can do well

39. I like to try new things

40. I like myself





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