State Self Esteem Scale

A 20-item scale that measures a participant’s self-esteem at a given point in time. The 20 items are subdivided into 3 components of self-esteem: performance self-esteem, social self-esteem and appearance self-esteem.


The SSES paper does not state anything about the use of the scale by others.


Heatherton, T.F. and Polivy, J. Development and Validation of a Scale for Measuring State Self-Esteem. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 60, 895-910.


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This is a questionnaire designed to measure what you are thinking at this moment. There is of course, no right answer for any statement. The best answer is what you feel is true of yourself at the moment. Again, answer these questions as they are true for you RIGHT NOW

Not at allA little bitSomewhatVery muchExtremely
* indicates that a question uses reversed scorings


1. I feel confident about my abilities *

2. I am worried about whether I am regarded as a success or failure

3. I feel satisfied with the way my body looks right now *

4. I feel frustrated or rattled about my performance

5. I feel that I am having trouble understanding things that I read

6. I feel that others respect and admire me *

7. I am dissatisfied with my weight

8. I feel self-conscious

9. I feel as smart as others *

10. I feel displeased with myself

11. I feel good about myself *

12. I am pleased with my appearance right now *

13. I am worried about what other people think of me

14. I feel confident that I understand things *

15. I feel inferior to others at this moment

16. I feel unattractive

17. I feel concerned about the impression I am making

18. I feel that I have less scholastic ability right now than others

19. I feel like I'm not doing well

20. I am worried about looking foolish